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Bashas Ads Phoenix 3-8-2016

Bashas Ads Phoenix 3-8-2016

Bashas Ads Phoenix 3-8-2016 Latest offers and discounts of Bashas Supermarket prices effective August 3-9, 2016

this Wednesday 3-8-2016 presents: center cut pork chops, assorted pork chops, salmon fillets, cross rib roast or steak, fresh ground chock patties, party wings, ground turkey sausage, shrimp, wild lobestor tail, bakary fresh cookies, mini mufiens, T- bone or top sirloin steak, fresh ground chuck, split chicken breasts, shamrock milk, farmland bacon, strawberry torte or lemon meringue pie. Also you get at Bashas Supermarket: red or green leaf iceberg or romaine lettuce, broccoli or cauliflower, red green or black seedless grapes, nectarines, raspberries, yellow squash, sweet corn, celery. See more by visit the site: Supermarket Weekly Ads.

Bashas supermarkets offers

Bashas Ads Phoenix 3-8-2016

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